The 8th issue of “In Istanbul” is out now!

In_Istanbul_08The eighth issue of In Istanbul, the most extensive magazine of Istanbul, is at your service with its new subjects and guests in major bookstores and in every room of most prestigious hotels in Istanbul. Published once every six months in English and Turkish, In Istanbul offers a rich content for you to explore Istanbul comprehensively with its new issue.

> Hardcover: 380 pages
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> Language: English&Turkish
> Price: 30 Euros
> ISSN: 1306-1860




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We welcome you with our spring-summer issue in these days which Istanbul hosts many international arts and culture events. Spring came out to our eighth book in which we tell Istanbul’s summer, winter and four seasons.

At this time in In Istanbul, with its special content and design Istanbul lovers’ essential head book, we don’t know if it’s because of the energy of the sun but we come out with a balmy issue. In our pages first we share the trends in Paris Houte Couture week over L’Appart that followed the event in Paris. After that we take a break in chocolate factory and share the secrets of happiness with you.

Summer in Istanbul means party in Bosphorus. After looking around Istanbul’s 7/24 nightlife, together we pass over a festivity of color and sound, Ahırkapı Festival. We beat out Istanbul’s 9/8 rhythms.

Our eighth issue guests are at least as special and friendly as our other guests. In Istanbul pages welcome a happy Brazilian in Istanbul: Alex de Souza, a memorable actor of underground films: Erkan Can, a designer whose haute couture designs are acclaimed by the four corners of the world: Dilek Hanif and the candidate of the Master of Wine, the most prestigious title of wine world: Dilek Caner.

You can’t get enough of a trip which is decided and started off suddenly. Our tourism file on which we worked together with Turkey’s leading tourism agencies offers a dream holiday to the ones who haven’t made up their minds yet.

With our eighth issue we offer you a brilliant 2010 European Capital of Culture with its restorated historical artifacts and values.

A balmy restless Istanbul is waiting for you. Don’t miss it.

Canan Erdoğan Abdurrahmanoğlu
General Manager / & In Istanbul



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