Sleeping with the enemy: “Clients”

For Advertising Agencies may be the worst competition ever is emerging:
The Clients…


On July 28th, Toyota announced that they are launching two new marketing companies: one to “handle marketing within Japan” and another company to “carry out and assist global marketing.” The new companies will “handle advertising, sales promotion and global marketing strategy” and “focus on marketing issues globally and help create a unified message.” and bring in Toyota’s more than $1 billion global advertising account in-house.

In addition, Hyundai also brought its advertising in-house.

Hyundai ended its business with U.S. shop Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and is transitioning creative duties to the agency called Innocean, owned and controlled by Hyundai’s founding family.

There you have it!

Another deadly threat for agencies. Definitely caught by surprise and unaware of the threat’s existence. 

More to come..? 

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