11 Reasons Why to Invest in Turkish Digital Market?



  • Turkey has a rapidly growing number of internet users, currently totalling 26.5 million.  This is approximately 37% of the population, leaving considerable room for growth.

  • Mobile phone ownership is nearly 77% of the population above 15 years of age.

  • Turkey is one of the largest digital marketing arenas in Europe by both population and the level of interactivity used.

  • A recent ComScore Survey (Q1 2009) shows that Turks spend more time on the internet than all other European countries.  Turkish users spend an average of 32 hours online per week and are also active on social networks.

  • Turkey is the 3rd largest country worldwide on Facebook, with around 14 million members. It also has the 3rd largest population on MSN with over 25 million users.

  • Currently 50% of the population is under the age of 28, making Turkey the youngest populated country in Europe.

  • Latest figures show that the consumption of digital media is exceeding the traditional media, particularly among younger Turks.

  • Global and national marketers have recognised that ‘interactive Turks’ are responsive to digital marketing initiatives.  Digital ad spending is moving into a significantly larger investment than its online media buying roots.

  • According to IAB Europe’s AdEx 2008 Report, the Turkish online advertising market grew by 33% between 2007 and 2008 to $187 million, making Turkey one of the 5 fastest growing markets in Europe. Online advertising in Europe grew by 20% despite the economic downturn.

  • Online ad spending in Turkey is expected to grow from 1.6% of total advertising expenditure to 10% in the next few years.  Another huge potential area of growth.

  • Top Turkish digital agencies are fully masterful providing world standart digital marketing and communications services across all digital platforms comparatively at much lower cost and are strategically placed to capitalise on pan regional opportunities as potentially digital hubs.


Note: Please let me know if there are any other reasons I haven’t thought of…


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