How To Win In the Long Run: The ‘7Cs’…

and how to clear the tainted image of advertising…

Bernhard Glock, President, World Federation of Advertisers speaks about ‘Learning How to Win In The Long Run and how to clear the tainted image of advertising’ at AdAsia 2009

The Yankelovich Marketing Resistance Survey 2004 says, advertisers are trusted by only 10% of consumers, 1% above second-hand car dealers. In addition, brand websites and consumer opinions posted online are trusted by 70% of consumers compared to online banner ads and text ads on mobile phones which garner a mere 33% and 24% of consumer’s trust according to Nielsen Online Global Online Survey 2008.

However as Glock explained, advertising plays an important role in today’s media landscape. He says it promotes growth and jobs, is the lifeblood of the media, creates a better value proposition for consumers and stimulates choice for consumers.

To clear the tainted image of advertising, there are three steps that can be taken.
1. Paint the future of advertising,
2. Understand your consumers,
3. Tailor communications specific to audience.

To do so, advertisers need to understand consumers, when and where they are receptive and be relevant.

How To Win In the Long Run: The ‘7Cs’

1.    Consumers – understand your consumers so you can cater to their needs and communicate effectively with them.
2.    Confidence – build their confidence through trust.
3.    Competition – embrace it. Stand out by standing for something and offer better value, ROI and accountability.
4.    Collaboration – work as a team in your company. Even different agencies should work together for the brand.
5.    Consolidation – Watch it!
6.    Children – Learn from them. They are our future customers who don’t care about the business and have new values.
7.    Change – Do it! People talk about change but we don’t do it.

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