Do you believe world’s biggest agency would be a Digital Agency in 10 years?

A Quick Poll on LinkedIn about whether Digital Agencies will become biggest in the global market or not in 10 years?

So far “Yes!” is over 90%…

Some Comments


By Naila PatelCreative Supervisor at Communicate 2


  • All agencies will be digitized in 10 years time, if they srill want to exist. There will be no such thing as digital agency. Remember the dinosaurs, adapt or die.

By Cem ARGUNMarketing & Advertising Consultant | Digital Marketing Consultant at Independent Consultant


But not before 10 years ,teams consist of mostly IT guys are behind all digital agencies.They need more marketing/management professionals to reach traditional-minded customers

By NESLIHAN KOMBELogistics , Air /Ocean Export Operations


99.99% yes !!!!!! it is not the matter of belief, it is the matter of to be ready…

By Volkan KeskinogluPresident – United Spirits of Mediterranean, LLC


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