“Absolute Misery Between Clients & Agencies”


At the latest “Think Tank: the Future of Advertising” panel put together by Adobe and D&AD ( http://creativereview.co.uk/crtv/debates/adobedad-2 ), It was amazing to hear advertising pros admitting the following points about the current state of the industry:

– People are not interested in advertising anymore and they don’t want to be interrupted;

– The relationship between clients & agencies is just miserable;

– There is no sense of trust, no joint mutual aims and embitions between them;

– No creativity in the industry at all due to distrust;

– Everybody using the same research with not enough time agencies generate the same creative ideas;

– “Give us your money, we’ll deliver the audience” is just bullocks;

– As an agency, you can’t be limited, in the future you have to do everything for the bigger picture;

– So much noise out there, hence you have to be more creative and cleverer than ever;

– Elements of PR has to be also integrated into the agency services;

– Marketing directors of clients are very sad not knowing who to turn to or what to do in adapting the new world with new rules of marketing.

It seems to me that, in order to regenerate the trust between clients and agencies it is imperative that we prove them our ability for helping them adapting to the new world and the new rules of marketing.

Any major signs of that happening yet?


– Köksal Abdurrahmanoglu.

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