Who says the future needs an advertising agency?


In these day and age, some started to mingle around the idea that the middle men between consumer and brand should not exist anymore. At least in a decade or so…

Well, I do believe that the future does not necessarily need printed news, yet we would definitely need journalism. However when we think about commercial communication, in the near future, I believe eventhough some brands started to take the matter on their hands, some will always need help doing it.

A young marketing strategist Bud Caddell argues that: “The advertising agency, in its current form, has a rather bleak future ahead. Certainly the automobile industry has taught us that you can’t continue to profit from a mediocre product forever. Wall Street showed us that eventually greed left unchecked is punished. And newspapers have demonstrated that by ignoring the real opportunities provided by technology you absolutely risk extinction in the longterm. And that’s where, I believe, the advertising industry largely finds itself today: mired in mediocrity, greed, and ignorance. And because of that, I can’t help but hope that the future needs the advertising agency less.”

Yes, the advertising agency, in its current form, has a rather bleak future ahead, but I have no doubt on the existince of agencies with renovated forms in the future.

Therefore I tend to agree with his following statement: “We’ll also begin to see a new species of agency evolve, the platform builders, that reverse the power dynamic between brand and agency by creating remarkable, attention earning, systems for human interaction. Because of the existing skill-sets at agencies, I’d venture to guess that these systems will either be technologically driven (the next Foursquare, as an example) or entertainment based (the next Lost, or hell, the next Two and a Half Men). Either, if executed successfully, have the potential to create a need for the brand to sit down again at the table. To that end, I think Big Spaceship in the technology sphere, or Katalyst Media in the entertainment sphere, are both early experiments of the platform builder – but both are still incomplete attempts to evolve a more traditional model.”

What do you think?

– Köksal.


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