Let’s Play Advertising “Kingdom” The Analogy Game…

Hello There…

I have been conducting an experimental game called Advertising “Kingdom” The Analogy Game for couple of days using LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, Facebook, Ardvark social media platforms etc. 

I asked “In current Advertising Kingdom, If Consumer is King and Content is Queen; then What would be Brands, Agencies & Media in this analogy?…”

So, here is where we are right now in this metaphoric scenario after all the suggestions I collected through various social media sources:

In this converging Advertising “Kingdom”, we all believe that Consumer is the “King”. And nowadays Content, sometimes being a tool to grab Consumer’s attention and sometimes being the Product itself, became “Queen” next to Consumer the “King” himself.

Therefore, could we say in this analogy, Brand the “Mother Queen” hires Agency the “Knights” to entice Consumer the “King” to get intimate with Content the “Queen” through using Media the “Palace”. All for Brand the “Mother Queen” to be the real ruler of the Advertising “Kingdom”…

What do you think? Any final suggestions for this metaphoric and a little bit of sarcastic 🙂 analogy?


– Köksal.

PS. Thanks to all the players for all their contributions…


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